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So about hardware to diagnose your car... obviously we are not going to talk about crowbars to diagnose your suspension but it would be about electronic devices to make diagnostics a little bit easier.

What can be tested using diagnostics hardware

In short - everything which is covered by electronic control unit(ECU) and supported by specific hardware. In Z's and G's it could be:

  • Engine
  • VDC
  • A/T
  • SRS
  • A/C
  • Immobiliser and alarm system

But unfortunately not every device and/or not every software could cover all of those units. For instance no matter what software you are going to use ELM327 controller can't support some A/T or SRS systems because it supports OBD2 and some of CAN protocols to use with Engine only. At the same time you could try Nissan Consult 3 with something like VAG KKL but it won't simply work at all because of internal incompatibility. So hardware and software must be compatible to each other and must support the feature you want to use all together.


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